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Hello! I'm brainfoam, and I made this game for this year's April Ludum Dare. This game was made pretty quickly, but is packed with some cute features that I worked pretty hard on. This is more of a visualizer/tamagotchi-type game, so it's at most a short and sweet experience. This may recieve some updates in the future, but for the most part, this was just for a small jam. I had a bunch of fun making this, and I hope you have fun playing it~

Twitter: @brainfoam_

Instagram: @brainfoam_

Install instructions

Unzip the main folder, and then run YourWorld.exe.


Your Earth(x86).zip 3 MB


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It made me sad to see that this game just got one single rating in the Ludum Dare 38, because I felt how much work you put into it! It's so cute to see how the planet evolves thanks to my little decisions. I found it so cute as well, the art style was gorgeous. <3 That's why I included your entry in one of our compilation articles about the Ludum Dare 38, along with two other recommended games, as well as in the related showcase video. :) Don't be too satisfied about your old results, you will get more attention the next time for sure! <3

Best wishes,